Privacy policy


At use the information provided by the user to provide the best experiences in terms of the Consulting services or the services of the area of interest of the user to the user whenever comes at the Consultogy.comSurely, collates the complete information provided by the user in terms of their Personal Information, Professional Information, Date of Birth, Area of Interest, Experience, Location, Country to give them an auto recommendation depends on the information shared by the user and to enhance the experience of the user each time they visit the

The Users must agree that may use the user information shared to connect with the user to give the information as per the interest of the user. Mostly, it will be based on your interest, gives administrative access to notices, or maybe communication accessible for you to use on the site.On agreeing to this policy, you are hereby giving consent of approval to receive the informative and promotional communication from from time to time. Also, we understand that if you don’t want to receive such information, in that case, you will always have the option to Unsubscribe the shared information by choosing the unsubscribed option that is available in each communication.

Generally, If the user is not willing to share his/her information in that scenario we do not share the personal information shared by the user to anyone in any case whatsoever. At the time of placing a request at the Platform, the user is free to Control & Manage the entire set of Information that how much the user wants to display and how much the user wants to hide.Users need to understand, that when they intentionally share, Circulate or mention information about them like (E-mail ID, Mobile Number, Etc) in such case these shared details can be collected and used by other platforms. This may lead to spam emails, Messages, or Texts for which will not going to be responsible in any case anywhere whatsoever.

Along with the above, the user needs to understand that when it came to from any of their affiliate or any 3rd party website. In such a case, needs to share the information/data of the user to that affiliate or the 3rd party. In such a case, the affiliate will use the data as per their policy and not by this one. can disclose the limited information of the user to a specific person in case of any legal proceeding, as required by the law, state / central government, or any other reason in order to seek support from the government to secure or safeguard or the different users available on In addition, the information of the user can be shared with the 3rd Party in case of the acquisition, merger, joint venture, ownership transfer, or bankruptcy of

SECURE TRANSACTION follows the Complete Encryption process for a safe and secure transaction from Credit Card / Debit Card / NEFT or any other Digital payment Method. At, SSL Encryption of 128-Bit is used, this is the highest level of SSL Encryption is available currently for our users. SSL – “Secure Socket Layer” simply means that there is a complete end-to-end encrypted communication made between the server and your browser which is used for a single particular session. Once this communication is established the key encrypts the complete communication between the server and your browser.


In order to promote and advertise on our website, we use Third -Party Advertising Companies to serve ads when the user visits our website. These Third-Party Companies may use the information related to you and your visit on our website. In order, to advertise and promote the products or services of your choice and interest on our website.

WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW is not going to assure that your personal communication and other private information will never go to be disclosed in the ways and not otherwise that are described in our Privacy Policy. Hence, as we are committed to protecting your personal and private information, we will not be going to promise you also you will need not expect that your personal and private information will always go to remain personal or private. As, the user on our website, you completely understand and fully agree that your responsibility and risk of your use on our website, generally the internet, and the documents that you post and access on our website and for the conduct on and off our website.When Your sign-up & Login into the platform is always going to be an additional optional task for you to take, Although the login into will give you access to Our Smarter Consulting & Technology Search With other tools like:Start-up India, Pitch, Investment, Founder, Start-up Ideas, Customer Segment, Be Independent, and Many More.


Under Each Information provided by you on our website, there will clearly mention that which information shared by you will go to be visible to other users and on our website.


Mostly to use our platform and services on users need to log in to their Account. In such case, we need few personal information (Name, Email, Mobile Number, DOB, Gender, Aadhaar No., Qualification, GPS Location, Location, Country, Area of Interest, Consulting Areas, Interest, passion, Etc.) and Professional Information (Experience, Fresher, Last Two Employer, Etc.)To ensure an excellent and enhanced customized experience to the user whenever visit our website, we may use the details provided by the user.


In order to provide an authentic User and Consultant Connection on Platform, we will be integrating with Aadhaar via API (Application Programming Interface) in order to eliminate the chances of multiple logins of the single user and to completely reduce the chances of fake login ID on


We at notice, track, and gather information from the action that is performed by the user in order to understand the user behaviour and usage pattern.The list of information that we gather is like — When the app is installed, When the First recharge is done, the frequency of recharge, how much time the user is spending on, What all consulting services the user is interested in, GPS Location, Rating of the user given to the particular consultant for the consulting services, Etc.These collected information’s will later be processed with Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence to ensure self-recommendation and enhanced user experience based on the usage pattern to our users on


We at collect the Device-Centric Details Like IP Address, Device Unique Identification Number, Mobile Network Details, Etc. and link these details collected with their User Account ID.


We store cache memory in the device of the user along with the access of Camera (for calls, Video Calls), Microphone (for voice), Location (for best connectivity), Network Details (for better services), Gallery (for Images and Video), Recording (for calls & Video Call), Messages (For Chat).


We at use multiple technologies to store and collect information about the user when browsing the Web App or Mobile App. This information may include cache, cookies, and other technologies similar to capture data of the browser and devices for providing the best experience along with marketing purposes. Our platform tracks and retains the consulting session of the users for many days without logging out.


At we seek the Browser Notification for delivering the notification based on the browser straight on the device of the user. This notification comes with the flexibility of Enabling & Disabling it at any point of time by the user.


At the usage of the collected information is for Marketing, Research & Development along with Product Analysis to provide the best user experience of the Application to the user. We may also use the collected information in order to provide additional customized consulting content for the users like — Motivation, Start-up Ideas, Start-up Stories, Investor Updates, Articles about founders, etc.

We may use the User details at other sections of the platform that will make users use the Platform in the best way possible. In Addition to this at, we may replace multiple names that are related to the user Account in order to show the name consistently across all the services offered by None of the users on our platform can view the details of another user like Name, Email, Contact Details, Professional Details, Personal Details, Aadhaar Details, etc.

Each User will get a Unique User ID after successful registration on the platform and will never be the same to another user in any case whatsoever.

User’s Name (First Name / Last Name), Unique User ID, Location, Country, Language, Photo, Age, and Profession will be visible to the Consultant for Consulting Purpose. Also, if the same user will be calling then additional information of the number of Previous Consulting sessions will be visible to the Consultant for giving best-consulting services.

After login by a user, we keep the entire record of the user and his consultation sessions to refer and recommend the most relevant consultants to the user to get the best consultation for the entire queries of the user. At our platform, we use the email address of the user to provide information about our upcoming features, updates, etc.

We use the device location for showing the preferred currency of that location and the payment gateway of the selected country. We use IP addresses to localize the overall features of the platform for the user.


We at recommend the user will to be in a complete network and a silent place before making a call in order to avoid Call Disturbance & Network glitches.


The Privacy Policy will be updated from time to time based on the new or old features and a functionality without a prior notice. and its team are not at all liable for any data or an information loss of the users of the platform in any manner whatsoever.